We source our leather from Wickett & Craig tannery, in Curwensville, PA. It is all full grain, vegetable tanned leather that is sourced and tanned in the USA. Wickett & Craig was founded in 1867 and has retained a world-wide reputation of tanning the highest quality leather. We currently offer five color options - Russet, Buck Brown, Olive, Burgundy, and Black.



We use Ritza 25 "Tiger" thread to stitch all products. Tiger thread is considered the superior thread among leatherworkers for its durability and strength. It is 100% polyester and lightly waxed making it UV resistant and dependable. If the stitching on your Lost Dutchman product wears out, we offer a lifetime stitching guarantee. Send us your worn out product and we will either replace the stitching or replace the entire item.